Does Saxum need any introduction? Since Justin Smith’s James Berry Vineyard wine was named #1 Wine of the Year by The Wine Spectator in 2010, essentially underscoring Paso Robles’ status as the next big AVA in the US, Saxum’s extremely limited wines via a long wait list (currently 8 years) have been coveted by wine collectors everywhere. Justins wines are regularly awarded 100 points, and every wine is a true collector’s gem!

Justins dad bought James Berry Vineyard in the ’80ies. In the ’90ies, Justin and his college friend Matt Trevisan pooled their resourced to start their own wine label, Linne Calodo, which we also carry. Having established themselves at Linne Calodo, Justin decided to start his own project, Saxum Vineyards, i 2002 – and the rest is history… Saxum means “stone” in Latin, which is referenced in some of the winery’s individual bottlings such as Broken Stones, Heart Stone and Bone Rock.

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