The Boardroom is California Wine Denmark’s wine club featuring ultra-limited wines. We offer our club release twice a year (usually spring and fall), and members can choose between two selections of six hand-picked wines, most of which are not in our regular portfolio. Since the selections vary by season, our Boardroom package prices depend on each selection. There is no obligation to buy a package, though packages are limited and active members have priority over new or inactive members.

As a member, you’ll receive a 15% discount on all regular-priced wines in our portfolio, free shipping within Denmark, free or discounted tickets to events throughout the year and access to The Shapingroom (please see below). The Boardroom is currently full, but you can sign up for the waiting list through our mailing list here.

The Shapingroom

The shapingroom is Boardroom members’ treasure trove of sought-after wines which are impossible to find – even in the US. We only carry a few bottles of most of the wines and we do not offer them anywhere else, only to our Boardroom members.

With The Shapingroom we wish to show our customers some of the best California has to offer – and those wines were never intended to make it all the way to Europe.

The Mailing list

Sign up for our mailing list and stay updated on offers and news from California. We normally only announce offers through our mailing list, so sign up and start receiving offers here.