B2B sales

California Wine Denmark focuses on B2B sales such as partnerships with restaurants, specialty wine shops and importers around the world. With a portfolio that features wines in most price ranges, grape varietals and AVAs, we are able to offer tailored solutions that fit the individual needs of our B2B clients.

The story, the experience

Behind each and every of our wines lives a story unique to that wine. Whether it be about the producer, the wine, the wine making, the vintage or the district (the AVA), we always have interesting stories to relate. We believe that story telling is intricate to the wine experience and that’s why we choose quality wines that have their own story to tell. Having spent many years in the California wine industry allows us to choose producers we wish to work with as well as identify new trends and wine makers. We sample countless California wines every month, evaluating them against the trends and customer preferences of the European market.


Please contact us to learn more about partnerships, our portfolio and B2B prices.