Wine cooler bag


Custom designed cooler bag with room for wine bottles and valuables
Practical shoulder strap for easy transport


Custom design cooler bags
Inside pocket fits a bottle
Outside pocket for valuables
Shoulder strap ensures easy transport
Room for 5 bottles

We have custom designed this cooler bag with wine and style in mind. The cooler bag measures 40 cm long by 21 cm wide by 34 cm tall and is roomy enough for everything you need for a day at the beach or for a picnic.

The modern design makes this bag a great gift – and you can hide a bottle of wine inside as an added surprise!

The shoulder strap makes travelling by bike or public transport easy.

The outside pocket is perfect for storing valuables such as your phone or keys – and of course a wine opener.

The inside pocket is useful for carrying cool wine – or for an open bottle you wish to transport.

You can also choose to make a party of it and fill the whole bag with wine; it fits 5 bottles in a row!

Summer will be upon us before you know it – get prepared now or surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift.

Ice pack not included

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